Ten of the best section songs in skateboarding

Ten of the best section songs in skateboarding

Ten of the best section songs in skateboarding

By Jono Coote

A couple of weeks ago, a stir was made in the internet skate pond by Life Extension dropping a section in the middle of their video set to the most ear bleedingly horrendous dubstep they could possibly find.

Once I was done beating the memory of it from my head, I started thinking about other sections from big name videos with terrible music. It didn’t take me long to think of a few to start with and before long I had a solid plan to sit here and pour scorn and bile across a slew of sections from skateboarding’s past. But the more I sat, procrastinating and putting it off, the more I realised that throwing negativity at peoples’ musical taste wasn’t the direction I wanted this article to go (I can happily do that from the corner of a pub or skatepark during the week with friends anyway). It’s easy to hate on shit, so rather than be a moany bastard I thought it was time to go the opposite way and put together a list of some of the music/skateboarding combinations which work together to make a timeless section.

I’ve stuck to videos from board and shoe companies or magazines, partially because otherwise this list would be impossible and partially because one of the many freedoms of the scene video is the chance to choose a track without thinking too hard about legal issues and royalty payments – this seemed the best way to narrow things down. Still, being a top ten this is pretty sparse and will have to skip some classics, but this is as good a starting point as any…


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