Frank Gerwer - Lombard Street & Cash money Vagrant

The ten best skateboarding hill bombs ever recorded

Guy Jones Guy Jones

Frank Gerwer – Lombard Street from a ‘video postcard from San Fransisco

You saw the image at the start of this post and how ridiculous it looks, check Frank hack the curves then bomb straight out like a true fucking champ! Even the witnessing pedestrians are stoked and what precision at that speed to thread the needle between that person and that oncoming car. Stay safe everyone.

Antihero – Cash Money vagrant
This Tail slide to hill bomb with a ciggie in mouth takes the absolute piss. Who else has bombed this hill ay? Even when he’s a spec in the distance you can get a slight perspective of how fast he’s going when he blitzes past cars. Sweet Jesus!

We’ve got to compliment this beast as well if we’re discussing hill bombs!