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Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria - Will Harmon guest blog!

00:04 9th February 2011 by Ryan Gray

In addition to today’s third blog installment from the Gran Canaria mob, Will Harmon has come through with a collection of his own snapshots from the mission for you – have a browse below…

Best coffee in town. Not too sure the owner was our biggest fan though.

Wills ditch skateboard photo

Will actually spied this rad transition spot out of the car window on route to a small town by Las Palmas. I'm not sure of it's actual name, but we renamed it "The Dubs Harm Ditch".

Wills ditch again skateboard photo

And here it is from another angle in the dry. If you squint you can make out Raemers doing a trick in the distance...

clouds skateboarding photo

Ominous clouds lurking in the distance whilst Scott and Will look down on the wrongness below.

rainbow skateboarding photo

The calm after the storm (maybe) with added rainbow.

ultimate breakfast skateboarding photo

Default Square serving up a proper start to the day.

The pond spot was somewhat of a bust - well, this part of it was anyway. Out of sight of park security, Chroliver and Ray Mears sessioned until dark.

I'm robbing Will's comment off Facebook for this photo - "food poisoning for four please".

skatepark skateboarding photo.

Best skatepark on the island?

It'll be a while until we see these sort of temperatures in the UK - jealous?

John Lennon skateboarding photo

Lennon rolls two rigs deep. One's hesh, the other's fresh.

341, over the road from our hotel. Three beers, three euros. Done deal.

After a day of trying to out run the rain, even the wet skatepark was looking attractive.

Daryl Dominguez skateboarding photo

This is how Daryl "Trunky D" Dominguez spent his hours on the road. In the trunk. Hence the new nickname.

party shot skateboard photo

Perfectly timed strobe light rave shot.

The Las Palmas skatepark has the structure for a roof, but nothing to block out the rain. Session cut short and another rainbow shot.

boy band on a beach skateboarding photo

"That's the PR shot sorted lads, now all we need is a name..." (suggestions on a postcard).

Thumbnail for Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria - Will Harmon guest blog!

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