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Best of 2007: Jamie Bolland

04:49 5th January 2008 by Sidewalk Magazine

The Harmonys Scottish connection, Jamie Bolland, gives us his view on last year.

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Top 3 places visited in 2007?




Top 3 Scottish skaters of 2007?

Andy White



Top 3 Scottish skaters to watch out for in 2008?

As well as the above, probably another dozen but here’s another two:

Old School Ricky

Will Sloan

Top 3 quotes of 2007?

Can’t remember anything…

…oh, except Wieger Van Wageningan via Alex Irvine:

“Reese Forbes – only one stretching, only one not skating.”

Also anything coming out of the mouth of DIV.

Top 3 places to skate in 2007?

G.B.’s (R.I.P)

Gay Paree


Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2007?




Top 3 most watched video sections of 2007?

Lucas Puig – Fully Flared

Van Wastel – Gnar Gnar

XMAS in Saigon

Top 3 albums of 2007?

The Rebel – “The Empire Strikes Back”

The Royal We – “The Royal We”


Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2007?

Growing a beard

Getting a real job

Going to Berlin

Top 3 things to do in 2008?

Fix the car

Go on some trips

Get our own indoor park on the go!


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