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Vans Europe in China Blog: Part 4

23:05 30th March 2008 by Sidewalk Magazine

Fast food anticipation…

…absolutely disappointed realisation.

Flo, maxing the chillaxing in McD’s.

Alexis, deep in thought by the looks of things.

Is this someones garden or a mini golf course?

Whatever you reckon, Kris.

Sounds good…

…as does that. Steamed pig stomach?

Wonder who this is? I’ll give you a clue: Danny Wainwright.

Something so important that, in China, they bottle it.

Oddjob, a small man, sat in the boot of a car…what else do you need to know?

All the essentials.

Kris tries to “do a Dan Murphy” but comes off looking a bit weak.

Feeling the pace?

And finally…

Some sideways oddness from Leos phone.

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