What caused Alien Workshop to fail and is there a comeback?

Alien Workshop - A Year In Retrospect

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Alien Workshop – A Year In Retrospect

by Farran Golding

“All of the rumours keeping me grounded…”

Over the past year Alien Workshop has faced its most difficult period, with ownership passing through numerous hands, alongside icons, (both young and old), departing from the company. As if to overshadow what would happen to Alien in subsequent years, Morrissey’s lyrics that accompanied Heath Kirchart in ‘Mind Field’ have become a fitting epitaph to the final days of one of the greatest skateboard companies to exist. Though the behind the scenes aspect has been turbulent for a few years, in early 2013 all seemed well. Prodigal son Dylan Rieder was hot property in the midst of shoe sponsor deals, whilst Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett were early into their pro careers, made official by Alien Workshop’s ‘Cinematographer Project’ part that showcased the now solid team. While unfortunately without Josh Kalis or Arto Saari, but devoid of sky worshipers of the company’s ‘Mind Field’ days and with ownership in the hands of longest serving rider Rob Dyrdek; lifelong members Anthony Van Engelen and Jason Dill were guiding and building the team as they saw fit. Alien Workshop seemed to be coming out on top again…


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