Alien Workshop - A Year In Retrospect

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As the New Year rolled around, Dylan Rieder seemed to be staying true to the company. Although mumbles were frequent about Dylan jumping ship, he was constantly on Workshop boards throughout Summer ’13. Street League, HUF tours, it looked like he was staying put up until when 2014 dawned. The prospect of Dylan leaving became more likely after him declaring, “I think it’s the dawn of a new age. That’s all I can say about that” in regards to a possible change of board sponsor in a Transworld interview.

Spotted riding FA boards on a HUF tour, it was still unclear exactly where he’d go but unfortunately, Dylan’s days with the Workshop were at an end. After delivering a groundbreaking part in cherry a matter of months ago, it was made official that Dylan had joined Fucking Awesome. Evidently not an easy choice after growing up with the Workshop, “but with Grant, Dill, and AVE leaving, it didn’t really feel like the Workshop I rode for” and “there’s no replacing somebody like Grant Taylor.”

Sadly, there’s no replacing Dylan Rieder either as I assume a large chunk of board sales were down to him in recent years. I believed if Alien were to rebuild then Dylan, Gilbert and Jake would be at the forefront of this as my generation’s equivalent Heath, AVE and Dill with the brand. With Dylan gone, the final of AVE and Dill’s circle, Big John and Donvon Piscopo, would follow as the last to have apparently swapped sides.


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