Alien Workshop - A Year In Retrospect

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What will happen to Habitat beg the question as parent company PVH has seemingly closed down all of DNA. However Castrucci has been teasing online that he has something up his sleeve from D-Day, and it seems likely that Habitat will live on. Whether it be through another distributor or not is currently unknown but it’s remarkable that despite Austyn Gillette’s departure, Castrucci and co appeared unaffected by the financial problems that hit the Workshop so hard.

Fittingly, the situation is still encircled with rumour and mystery as it is alleged that both Castrucci and Dyrdek are currently taking the matter to court for the rights to both the Alien Workshop and Habitat names. Meanwhile Kalis–related rumours that everything will go back to Dyrdek are currently doing the rounds, but the eventual conclusion to the whole debacle still remains unclear.


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