Alien Workshop - A Year In Retrospect

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If Hill and Carter don’t pick the brand back up then personally I hope that it doesn’t come back as a pale imitation of itself as we’ve unfortunately seen with ‘reborn’ board companies before.

Tearful-speculation aside – what are we left with in terms of a legacy at this point? Carter, Hill, Blender, Castrucci, Greg Hunt, Pendleton, Heath, Dyrdek, Kalis, Arto, Dylan, Salazar, Bledsoe, Johnson, Gilbert, Dill, AVE, Dinosaur Jr, Animal Collective, Radiohead and other enduring contributors to an incredible and unique skateboard company. From Memory Screen to Time Code, Photosynthesis to Mind Field – one thing that is beyond doubt is that the legacy and influence that Alien Workshop has had within skateboarding will live on forever.

Hopefully the rumours aren’t completely unfounded and there’s still hope, but for now…

That’s the curtains.



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