Cates, Dave Allen and CJ in Atlanta!

Today sees the third and final part of Chris Johnsons blog covering his recent trip out to Atlanta and The Dirty South with Dan Cates to stop with a relocated Dave Allen!

Have a scroll underneath for the final round of snaps, with the footage no doubt appearing on the ‘in progress’ Death video, and photography from the trip gracing the pages of the mag soon!

The night before and the morning after.

Trust me, I’m a professional.

Sweet home…


Nice One! “Shit, did I walk through the sequence!?”

Goin’ through tapes.

A common sight! The bigger they are the harder they fall!

Florida’s done…

After hitting one of ATLs best kept secrets we stopped for a break on the long walk back to Daves to take in the skyline.

Good night Atlanta!


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