Your chance to skate The Nike Pool with Chet Childress and Lance Mountain!

Nike are giving you the chance to skate their ridiculous Dagenham creation “The Pool” next Tuesday the 24th May, with Lance Mountain, Chet Childress and riders from the UK Nike SB team!

All you need to do is RSVP to if you would like to get involved in the session. Entry is limited so no RSVP, no entry, and all participants need to be 18 or over. As if that’s not enough, Nike SB will also be providing beer and pizza on the evening.

Get on the case if you want to be involved in this epic session, and check the ridiculous BMX footage underneath the flyer to see what daftness has already gone down.

Address: Dagenham Swimming Pool, Althorne Way, Dagenham, RM10 7AY.

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  1. rich g

    wtf bmx video? wtf, bmx is the uglyiest spastic looking shit after bladers

  2. jake

    and skating

  3. Aleecia LeeLa GonZales

    my Acquaintance Andrew and his friends are great at BMX. they would love for a chance to visit the pool for a day. thing is they are like 16-17. Andrew also is really big in photography. check out his creations at Andrews Film Creations on Facebook.


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