Dan Cates “Lost in the Wilderness” Death summer tour blog – part 2

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Dan Cates brings you the second round of snapshots from this summers Death Skateboards “Lost in the Wilderness” today, so have a scroll below and head on back tomorrow for more!

Sometimes you just have to say f**k it and take 4 hours out of your day to dig out a concrete fullpipe in the middle of nowhere.
Flow rider Mikey Patrick jumped on the Death tour at the last minute and was so stoked that he got a bit carried away at his first fullpipe.
Death has a 3 block... and a Jake Shunt.
On a late night generator mission in the Midlands, Moggins and Timmy roll the dice to pass the time while elsewhere the hammer gets put down.
'Morning campers'
Moggins surveys the farmers fields that no one could see the night before at 2 a.m when we pitched our tents.
The silent giant never complained once, no matter how much filming he had to do, or where he had to sleep.
Matty Steak, one man Rock n Roll party, at large in the van. Jaeger bombs at 10 am.
Myself and Nicolson aka "Upside Down Head" outside the shop that kept Tom Penny in boards as a kid.

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