Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog – part 5

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The Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog catch up continues!

Part 5 awaits your eager eyes below, with more from the UK rabble as they hang out in Denmark waiting for last weekends CPH Pro comp to kick off.

Part 6 due soon…

Jake Collins and Sam Beckett skateboard photo
Jake and Sam under take some skateboard surgery.
Copenhagen, New York.
Rob Smith skateboard photo
Rob Smith checks his stocks and shares on line while listening to Beethoven's 9th symphony through some large headphones.
James went shopping and came back with water pistols for the whole crew. Big mistake...
...he also bought this Viking helmet. I think it really suits him.
These four are really getting into it! European power dressing.
Phil Z goes full pelt karaoke. Apparently women love a guy with a voice like Borat, even in the gay bar we went to.
Josh Young skateboarding photo
Collins got out of hand and had to be schooled by 'The Head'.
"Tequila for 10 idiots please."
By 4 a.m. things had started to get out of hand, 'Street Beckett' was pretty out of control as this picture shows. Well done Sam.

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