Dorchester's Impromptu Skate Jam 2011 with Chris Oliver and co.

The planned skate jam at Dorchester Skatepark on Saturday was canceled due to bad weather, though, inbetween showers, Chris Oliver found himself a megaphone and held a couple of impromptu jams of his own.

Check the Maverick edit of the day below, with Chris Oliver, Ben Rowles, Jim Craven and several local heads…

Dorchester | Impromptu Jam from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.

  1. haydn

    Hi does anybody know who was doing the photography that day? There was that richard budd matey but also some hairy dude in a concerned t-shirt- I wouldnt mind getting in touch with him as he caught a couple of bread-and butters of mine….I think…. if you have any information thanks very much!

  2. Skateboarding Photo

    We will be in touch!


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