'First Broadcast' (2001)

First Broadcast was released in 2001 as a side project from Dan Magee and Adam Mondon, the creative bods over at Blueprint at the time. Not strictly a Blueprint video, ‘First Broadcast’ showcased a variety of talent that wascoming out of the UK at the time, including sections from Paul Shier, Colin Kennedy, Ali Cairnes, Mark Baines, John Rattray, Frank Stephens, Nick Jensen and Vaughan Baker, with appearances from Scott Palmer, Danny Brady, Snowy, Toddy, Joel Curtis, Toby Shuall and loads of others.

Head on over to the Blueprint site right now to get your download on, or simply press ‘play’ below and enjoy…

http://mpora.com/videos/ZdaAtG2Bu’First Broadcast’ (2001) >>


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