H6 Limited Gene Pool - Joel Chapman and Jacob James remix.

The Hereford scene video H6 Limited Gene Pool is out now – watch the remix of Joel Chapman and Jacob James joint part below then pick up the DVD here!

  1. Tim Bradbury

    How the fuck did this make it on sidewalk?

    1. Frank Hearne

      Please don’t associate this with the Herefordshire rippers. These are in fact a group of inbreds from Leominster.

      1. Joel Chapman

        instead of hating why don’t you support your local scene and local riders? and i think maybe you should associate us with the ‘hereford rippers’ as they are in this scene video? One thing us ‘inbreds’ do is support everyone around us and try to get everyone the recognition they deserve. You both won’t go very far in the skateboarding world with attitudes like yours… inabit

  2. Tim bradbury

    The skinny kids not bad but the other one is a fucking goon, dropping in a bank, really?


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