Hold Tight London: The Remix Video

Information regarding Henry and Morphs ‘Hold Tight London’ masterplan is slowly coming to the surface, with the emergence of this trailer for the Hold Tight London ‘Remix Video’.

‘The Remix Video’ is set for release on DVD alongside HTL 12 around Easter time, and is made up of re-edited footage from the first eleven clips, including full parts from Shaun Witherup, John Tanner, Jak Pietryga, Scott Howes and Joe Sivell, along with appearances from everyone else you’d expect to see from London.

The HTL site is back in the land of the living and has been updated regularly over the past few weeks, so keep an eye on that for frequent updates and more info on the upcoming HTL 12 project…

Don’t sleep – this is going to go off!

http://mpora.com/videos/SFCVMTbxvHTL REMIX VIDEO TRAILER >>


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