Independent Vert Series 2012 – Mt Hawke footage. Scotty, Anderson, Goff...

Last weekends Mt Hawke leg of the 2012 Independent Vert Series went off with a massive Cornish bang!

Check forumite Nextman’s two edits from both the A and B group sessions below now to witness some next level UK vert destruction from all involved. Full report from the day coming soon…

A Group:

UK Independent Vert Series 2012 – Mount Hawke A Group

1st – Andy Scott
2nd – Jacob Anderson
3rd = Oakley Liddel & Sean Goff
5th – Adam Halverson
6th = Matty Carlisle & Jim T Skin
8th- Zak Cutz

B Group:

More Skate Videos

1st – Hem
2nd – Zippy
3rd – James Hayney
4th – Ricardo
5th – Manfred Kutz
6th – Mike Stanley
7th – Jesse Thomas
8th – Reese Douglas
9th – Lois Pendleberry

  1. raddays

    What a beast of a vert ramp and an awesome skatepark that has lead the way for years. It just shows yuo what can be achieved if more people put the effort in to get these places moving and stable.

    Well done.


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