'Keep It Real' - Full Swindon video here!

Got 20 minutes to spare? Fancy taking in a bit of Swindon skate history? Well forum head ‘philwatts’ has come through with a lesser seen VHS gem to be enjoyed by all!

‘Keep It Real’ is a Swindon scene project from around 2003, featuring Ed Russell, Ian Devine, Scott Whitaker and an assortment of friends. The video was filmed and edited by Matt Holley, who went on to produce Unabombers ‘Urbane Mob’ DVD before vanishing off the face of the skateboarding earth.

Anyway, the video can be located in full underneath right now. Nice one Phil!

Check the ‘Mpora Scene Video Archiving Project’ thread on the forum for more full length UK scene videos.

http://mpora.com/videos/32dw3c21TMore Skateboarding Videos >>



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