Paul Graham - 4motion Skatepark in Darlington Focus with Blinky, Joe Howard, Kurt Mitchell and Will Creswick

Guy Jones Guy Jones

Paul Graham visited the 4motion skatepark in Darlington prior to it’s completion with a bit of a posse! There is a gallery below with photo’s and captions from the man himself as well as a little background to the scenario.

“These photos were shot at the pre jam of the Bingo Jam at the then part-finished 4Motion skatepark in Darlington. It was packed out for the two hour session, I spotted heads from all over The North including Manchester, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds and Whitley Bay.

The park contains some unique obstacles including a box with metal slappy kerb on top, a quarter with no platform that you can grind off the end, and soon to include a bowl with a spine to a miniramp. How often do you see those?”

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