Real Skateboards "Since Day One" - out now! UK premieres all this week...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Real Skateboards hugely anticipated “Since Day One” made its UK debut in front of a rowdy crowd of northerners in Liverpool last night, and it’s safe to say that the video is as genuinely shocking as you hoped it would be. No spoilers as such here I’m afraid, but it’s safe to say that there’s literally something for everyone, and Perelson and Busenitz can and will blow minds…

Major props to Lost Art and the Newbird mob for hooking it up – a blog from the afternoon should be surfacing via Ash Wilson pretty soon so keep an eye out!

Premieres are taking place around the UK all this week, so check the following link to locate your nearest showing. Click: Real Skateboards “Since Day One” – UK premiere details here!

Check the latest “out now” trailer below…


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