Save Aberdare Skatepark's bowl - sign the petition.

Aberdare Skatepark needs your help – read the text below then sign the petition…

“We would like to keep the existing bowl in Aberdare Skate Park. We believe that this can be adopted and easily incorporated into the new school and Leisure development in the Ynys area. We believe that the existing bowl would not be able to be replicated under the new skate park budget, that it is an important part of local and community life.
It promotes physical activity and healthy living and is also an important expression of local art both physical and traditional. We believe that to destroy this piece of local identity would bring a negative impact to the local area at a time of local regeneration.
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to keep the existing bowl area of the skate park, and incorporate this into the new Ynys development, along with the new set area for the skate park by the river.”

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  1. Roy Ballantyne

    Dude, save the park


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