"The Scale of Radness" - Lovenskate and Carhartt in the Isle of Man.

http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9wl6nuit5 Prepare to learn all you need to know about “the scale of radness”.

The combined Lovenskate and Carhartt crew head to the Isle of Man for ten days and skated every inch of it – derelict houses, alleyways, streets, roofs… you name it, they skated it.

Joe Gavin and Rob Smith’s joint edit from the trip can now be located below, featuring Matt Ransom, Julian Ferones, Ewen Bower, Joe Gavin, Igor Dardin, Bertrand Trichet, Alex Barton, Adam Maguire and Rob Smith.

The full Sam Ashley shot article can be found in the current issue of the mag, so be sure to pick up a copy to see what this lot got up to in print form!


  1. Korahck head

    Cool! Ollie at the ends gnarl burger!

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