The House Competition 2007 Results and Footage

The House Skatepark Competition 2007 Results…


1st – Gustav Tonnesen

2nd – Craig Smedley

3rd – Kris Vile

4th – Eddie Belvedere

Over 16:

1st – Ash Hall

2nd – Boden Hunt

3rd – Henry Stables

16 and Under:

1st – Chris Mallinder

2nd – Dan Barker

3rd – Alan Gavin

12 and Under:

1st – Jay Bex

2nd – Matt Bennett-Jones

3rd – Lewis Murtagh

Rob and everyone at The House would like to express their thanks to the sponsors of this years event: The Story Store, Blueprint, Unabomber, Death, Heathen, Karma, Plan B, Shit, Avit and Jones Soda.

Click on Shaun Curries balaclava clad head to view the footage…



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