"St Anne's: Full Circle" Belfast documentary coming soon - teaser here!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9s5x08oy6 Following its premiere a couple of weeks back, Peter Adams is readying the amazing “St Anne’s: Full Circle” documentary for its impending online release exclusively through Sidewalk and Mpora!

The documentary charts the rise and fall of the legendary St. Anne’s plaza in Belfast, that housed skaters, bmxers, misfits and drunks from the early nineties onwards, and tells the story through the eyes of the people that it meant the most to – skateboarders. From its construction, though to its deconstruction and up to the present day, St. Anne’s plaza has undoubtedly helped shape a generation.

Check the teaser below now, then head on back next Wednesday, September 26th, for part 1.

Get hyped, this one is a banger!



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