The Ten Greatest Slams in UK Skateboarding?

Having a slow Tuesday? Never fear, we’ve come through with something that should help kill a little time and keep you simultaneously amused and flinching.

Everybody loves a good slam, so we decided to delve back into the archives and present to you ten of the most memorable UK centric tumbles of recent times. From comp runs gone wrong to misjudged attempts at street heroics, have a click below for a cross section of homegrown carnage.

What have we missed out? Feel free to post any clips you think should have made the cut in the comments section below.

1 – Ben Grove.

Champagne SuperGrover’s ill-timed gap to wall leap in Manchester earlier this year seems like a good enough way to kickstart proceedings. It’s undeniable that Grove knows his way around a solid ollie or two, so it was as much of a shock to us as it was him when this ill-timed Manchester wall leap sent him rushing straight to A&E earlier this year.
“Faster than a cannonball…”

  1. Backside Creeper

    Howard Cooke’s scorpion in the credits of everythings going to be alright – Heroin

  2. Ben Powell

    Also Harry Bastard’s Droitwich classic “…and a chip went into me eye”

    2.03 on this, (see also 1.39 for another amusing one)

  3. sean burrows

    ive seen silvester take a few hits in my time.
    im sure Alex Moul takes one to the nut on an old raggy video.

  4. Joe Woolford



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