Ben Raemers

3 – Ben Raemers.

An Enjoi trip to Vegas sees Walton on the Naze native Ben Raemers spilling some blood when a hubba 5-0 sends the number one geezer straight onto his face.
“I hate needles, and I hate injections…”

  1. Backside Creeper

    Howard Cooke’s scorpion in the credits of everythings going to be alright – Heroin

  2. Ben Powell

    Also Harry Bastard’s Droitwich classic “…and a chip went into me eye”

    2.03 on this, (see also 1.39 for another amusing one)

  3. sean burrows

    ive seen silvester take a few hits in my time.
    im sure Alex Moul takes one to the nut on an old raggy video.

  4. Joe Woolford



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