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Top 10 Wallrides Vol. 2 The OG edition

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Mark Channer – Unapromo (1998)
One of the most unrecognised UK street skaters of all time, Mr. Channer was skating spots you thought you’d discovered, in ways you assumed you’d invented, back before you even knew what skateboarding was.

The undisputed king of all heelflip variations (including probably the best bs heelflip ever done down Lloyds in his Headcleaner part) and of making the virtually unskateable look skateable. There are a few notable wall-man excursions in this – firstly the wallride around the 90 degree corner at 0:45 and most notably the one from flat down the stairs at 0:59 – no hint of a bank to assist and no hint of him slowing down on the way out. All hail sandwich man.

Mark Channer – Unabomber 'Unapromo' (1998) a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk


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