Natas Kaupas 1988

Top 10 Wallrides Vol. 2 The OG edition

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First Natas – It took four years from the unknown-outside-of-Venice Natas Kaupas landing the first wallride cover ever (see Thrasher 1984 cover in the intro) for the rest of the globe to become acquainted with the guy through the first Santa Cruz video ‘Wheels of Fire’ (1988).

Whilst the vast majority of pro skating at the time viewed ‘street skating’ as an opportunity to do check-me-out early grabs off jump ramps or walk around on their hands like bellends – Natas was ollieing over dustbins on the flat and riding up walls like it was fuck all, which, 26 years ago, it most certainly wasn’t.

If there is one skater who the wallride on street owes a debt to – it is this guy. Epoch-forming doesn’t even come close.
3.43 is a perfect example but watch the whole thing and try to imagine how fucking powerful this was when it came out…


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