Paulo Diaz 1990

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Paulo Diaz – Powell/Peralta ‘Propaganda’ 1990
Yeah – it’s that Paulo Diaz – from the Supreme video. As an aside – it’s probably worth mentioning that Strobeck might have been referencing this video part a little with the format of Cherry eh? Black and white – montage part etc etc.

Anyhow – Paulo was and is a skateboard visionary – there are tons of tricks in this part that have yet to be done by anyone else, but for the sake of this list it’s the manual roll to wallride at 0:41 and the earlier wallride on the skip at 0:29 that you should pay attention to. Actually – fuck that – watch the whole thing and educate yourself. This (along with Tim Jackson’s above) is probably one of the most ‘off-message’ video parts ever produced – visionary shit.


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