Win a pair of the new DC "Fix S Berrics" shoes from My DC Crew!

Fancy sporting a pair of the very fetching all new “Fix S Berrics” shoe from DC? Then head on over to the My DC Crew UK Facebook page, give it a quick “like” then locate and answer a very simple question based around Wes Kremer.

Easy that that – get on it!

DC Skateboard shoes

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  1. moe yoe

    wish that i will get it

  2. Curt

    Hey! My name is Curt and i really need skate shoes from dc and I locked att this site and it’s theys shoes I want so I that that I give you a comment and see if I win this thing.
    So if I win I’m gonna bee happy the rest of my life Thanks.
    It does not Nader if I win.


  3. Curt

    Another question when do you give away them
    Date ,time and year

  4. Bin Guo

    Hi, I’m not sure is this too late to be getting the shoe. But I really want to get one to try, I never wear a DC shoe and I like to know the feeling about it.


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