How to Frontside Ollie

It’s time to man right up and get airborne! Josh ‘Manhead’ Young talks you through the basics of the frontside ollie…

For a Frontside Ollie on transition, you want to approach the ramp with a bit more speed than you would do for a Frontside Disaster, but your feet and body still want to be in the same position.

Frontside Ollie

As your front wheels approach the coping, you want to turn your front shoulder away from the coping, as you would doing a Frontside Disaster. As your wheels do approach the coping, you want to do an Ollie.

Frontside Ollie

Bring your knees up, turn in the frontside manner.

Frontside Ollie

Spot your landing, put all four wheels down just underneath the coping. Land and ride away.

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