Unabomber in Malaga 2010 - full edit online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

http://mpora.com/videos/xdSlAUzow As you saw in Sidewalk 172, last year the Unabomber Skateboards crew went on a five day filming mission to sunny Malaga in order to shoot photos, gather a brace of footage and consume vast amounts of locally produced lager in a generally warmer climate.

The full video from the Malaga mission is now online and ready to be watched below, featuring skateboarding from Ben Grove, Josh “Manhead” Young, Craig Smedley, John Bell and Scott Whittaker, with a cameo from Bomber TM Daz. Dig out your copy of January’s mag for the article from the trip, and check out Chris Johnson’s two part online “Extension” feature for a whole bunch of additional photography.

Sidewalk 172: Unabomber in Malaga – Extension pt 1

Sidewalk 172: Unabomber in Malaga – Extension pt 2


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