"Yam Dat Still" - Round 4. Pietryga, Brady, Chroliver, Madars...

http://mpora.com/videos/mwgMhRkOU Yes yes, the fourth of Morph’s monthly “Yam Dat Still” edits is now here, with more raw street skating from London and beyond, featuring Jak Pietryga, Danny Brady, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Chris Oliver, Gav Coughlan, Kyron Davies, Simo Makela, Paul Shier, Kris Vile, Madars Apse and more!

Delve in below now – happy birthday Morph!

  1. Joun

    And Senn, I wlodun’t dare self-link in a front page post. Feel free to do it yourself, though, mate!

  2. Ben

    Whats the song?


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