Massive Real Skateboards "Since Day One" giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the mighty “Since Day One” video by Real Skateboards, we have a bunch of amazing Real gear to give away to you lot.

There will be three winners!

1st – Real DVD, Real deck, hoodie, cap and tee.
2nd – Real DVD and Real deck
3rd – Real DVD


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  1. Rich

    Nice one.

  2. michael

    i hope i win

  3. rossw XD

    hope to win:)

  4. callum

    sweet… hope to win.
    Thanks for the opp to enter

  5. sophie-eliza

    the cap is looking lush.. win win win !

  6. Will

    best contest yet, real is fucking awesome

  7. tj


  8. hector ortiz

    i agree with will, REAL is fn AWSOOOOOOME!!!!:)

  9. Lewis Lewinton

    Yo dude’s that is gnarly give away nice on man!

  10. ben murphy

    i really need this package … i have been skateing since day one and because i cant afford a new board i wont be able to roll forever … i need to keep it real and classy so i would enjoy riding on one of these amazing real boards

  11. Jonny Burrows

    Can I please have this I really love skating and I don’t have enough money to buy
    One. I have tricks and wheels which my cousin have me but all I need is a deck now.



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