Slam City giveaway! Win boards, wheels, DVD's and more.

To continue Slam City’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, the legendary Covent Garden store have hooked us up with a whole bunch of gear to pass on to you lucky lot.

Three prize packages are up for grabs – consisting of…

1st Place -  Deck, Wheels, T-shirt and Slam DVD.
2nd Place – Wheels, T-Shirt and Slam DVD.
3rd Place – T-Shirt and Slam DVD


  1. Kevin arthursson

    Stoked to see the new video city of rats! So i hope i win ;-) hehe

  2. Rich

    Kool !!!

  3. jason walsh

    city of rats

  4. david miller

    sooooooo stoked on this , loving the real old school tommy g graphic !!!!

  5. Alden Fredericks

    The new vid looks sweet, so I really hope I win this.

  6. Isaac Robinson

    steezy ass dvd, hope I win this one

  7. Jareth Osborne

    That Board Looks Sick !

  8. braaidsss

    sick as board i need this one

  9. david miller

    :D who won the amazballs prizes in the end fella’s ( fingers crossed hahaha)


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