Win a "Big Wings" series of decks from Unabomber Skateboards!

Win Big! Wing Wins! Win Big Wings!

Happy New Year! To celebrate another fine year at Unabomber, we’re giving away a full series of the iconic Big Wings decks. That’s one winner, three decks!


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  1. Jordan laverty

    I skated with the answer a few weeks ago;D

  2. mac

    I could definatly use a new deck :)

  3. Sketchyskater

    I love these decks I currently have a battered old enuff deck with speed demon ever thing else it ok but I think these deck would improve my setup also making sponsors video il post soon.
    Sketchy skater:)

  4. Ranjit kaur

    Loved to have these decks. :) answer was simply.

  5. Borky

    Is this competition valid worldwide or only for America?

  6. gohan

    would love to get and ride one of those boards!!!

  7. gohan

    would love to get and ride one of those boards!!!

  8. Rinkesh Jain

    I love the Decks …. Awesome !!!

  9. Darrel Setunga

    I love these decks!

  10. Sumit Thakur

    I love d decks its awesome…

  11. himansu mishra

    i love decks,,,,,,,, Awesome……….

  12. Kaladhar Battepati

    Dear admin,

    I am Kaladhar from India and i participated in the contest and i seriously hope i win…The decks are very fashionable & super-duper cool.. I would love to lay my hands on them.. Fingers crossed!!


  13. Shubham Jain

    I simply love these decks. Please send me one.

  14. Chandrashekar KB

    I Want to win it.

  15. Giles

    Please I want to get them

  16. preethi

    where to answer

  17. spyfly (elke s)

    oh yea, i need those wings! ;D

  18. george

    really hope i win those decks!!!

  19. josh

    who won?


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