Win limited edition Death X Sidewalk decks and shirts!

The good people at Death Skateboards have seen fit to dedicate this strictly limited edition deck and tee combo to this here magazine, featuring the one and only Dan Cates’ “Fishtank” cover. We are all stoked beyond belief! Now you lot can be stoked too – enter!


  1. Justin Nel

    ok,I want to enter but I the text(capcha) you’re supposed to enter won’t show.I know the answer is Simon Woodstock. I first saw Simon on some Mtv show with Kien Liu (Mr.High ass ollie himself)aka(pony braid) when I was like 10 or so.He was dressed like a clown kickflipping his shoes off and riding Ironing board skateboards acting like a mad fool.He was gnarly.I ended up buying a pair of his Vans like 5 years later.I’m 27 now so it was a long time ago,but yeah,definitely the man Simon Woodstock trippin out on that sick shirt and deck combo.The last time I saw Simon he was boxing the shit out of rapper Sticky Fingaz on celebrity boxing.YEE HAW SIMON!!!I would love to rock out that shirt and spread his legacy to the masses.One deck I would skate,one I would keep for display of course and the last I would give to my good buddy who Ive know since 7th grade who owns Sunday skateshop so he could enjoy it.He’d probably hang it up,it’s sick!! check em out they have an awesome team with the likes of Jake Donnely and Dan Plunkett who I used to skate with.Peace and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Ben Yeomans

    How come there isn’t any ‘text from the image above’ for me to enter?

  3. Ben Yeomans

    Apparently it took me writing this comment to get a code – this isn’t helping my conspiracy complex…

  4. Sam Molloy

    capcha won’t work :(

  5. Michael Cross

    Probably not paid the company that provides the capcha.

  6. help


  7. fred

    noo CaPcHa

  8. silky

    aw man

  9. help

    capcha doesn’t work :(

  10. john parker

    Is this another bogus competion? Yet agaiun no code so nobody can enter? does any1 get to enter/win these comps?????

  11. Thomas Smith

    Captcha is not working

  12. darcy

    i need this

  13. Jon Love

    If it’s free, I need it

  14. Cathy Shanks

    Justin Nel, just close the browser and come back on in 10 minutes… worked for me!

  15. Jeremy Rance

    Worked fine for me :-)

  16. Louis

    These codes really annoy me!

  17. Martin


  18. Ryan Lee

    as if i know the answer is simon woodstock but the text from above is not showing up and i also got a stupid ticket from a street warden for skating on a sea front that looks exactly like a skate park whats the point

  19. Paul

    Capcha doesn’t work for me :(

  20. joffry volkaert

    this another bogus competion? Yet agaiun no code so nobody can enter? does any1 get to enter/win these comps????? plies

  21. joffry

    b plies laat mij winnen mij board is kapot

  22. joffry

    b is mijn antwoord


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